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Economical to Drive With Winter Tires in Summer?
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First of all, let’s face it, your winter tires won’t explode between June 21 and September 20 if you want to take advantage of the summer to wear them out. On the other hand, using them instead of summer tires or all-season tires during the warm season is not recommended. Style Auto in Laval, near Mascouche, Terrebonne, Boisbriand, Saint-Eustache and just minutes from Montreal,...

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FAQ - Style Auto
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    SPECIALIST IN IN-HOUSE FINANCING   Style Auto is known for its easy and fast home financing. No matter your financial situation, we have the solution for everything! We offer 1st, 2nd and even 3rd chance credit! Our experts will find the right financing or loan for you! Our resources are great. We do business with, among others,: National Bank, Scotia, Industrial...

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Understanding and Dealing with Credit
style auto comprendre credit en

Everyone is well aware that it is highly recommended and useful to have a good credit history. This makes sense, but who actually knows the determinants of a good credit report and the most realistic ways to improve one? Style Auto, a used car dealership in Laval specializing in home financing, tries to answer this question for you. Credit Agencies Who is responsible for creating and maintaining...

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Winter Driving: Be Careful!
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  Winter Driving: Be Careful!   The first days and weeks of winter are a particularly dangerous time for many drivers in the province who have not yet returned to their driving habits under these conditions or who have forgotten certain sections of the Highway Traffic Act pertaining to this period. Here are some tips classified into two broad categories that you should keep in mind.   December...

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The Importance of Winter Tires
style auto blogue pneus hiver en

The Importance of Winter Tires Like all drivers in the province, you know that you’ll need to put winter tires on your car by December 15th at the latest. It goes without saying that you will do so because it’s the law, but if it weren’t mandatory, would you put winter tires on your car anyways or would you just ride year-round with 4 seasons tires? Read on to understand why you...

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How to Pick a First Car ?
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How to Pick a First Car Life is full of “first times” and they can be pretty stressful, sometimes. One of the most notable “first time” for many people is the purchase of their first vehicle. If you are currently in this process and are worried about making a mistake, don’t panic: here is the basics of what you should know to make the best of this transaction.   Do...

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5 Myths About Car Maintenance
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5 Myths About Car Maintenance   If there is one area on which skimping can cost you a fortune, it’s certainly the maintenance of your vehicle. The problem (if you are not an expert yourself) is that many myths circulate about car maintenance and they are sometimes more appealing than this universal reality: adequate maintenance is essential to the longevity and the good condition of...

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Resources available to help you make your choice!
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Resources available to help you make your choice!   Picking a car is no easy feat and unfortunately, it’s too easy to think that it’s possible to follow your heart and that everything will work out from there, but the reality is a bit more complicated. That’s why Style Auto, located at Laval, near Montreal and Saint-Jerome, wants to give you a hand.   Trust Reliable...

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The Good Information at the Right Time
style auto blogue historique vehicule en 1  1  1  1  1  1

The Good Information at the Right Time   We often hear that buying a car represents the second most important purchase one could make (after buying a home), and even if it’s not always true with second-hand vehicles, even good deals cost a few thousand dollars. Among the many things you should pay attention to before going forward with this transaction, the car history is probably the...

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Spring Cleaning Also Applies to Your Car
style auto blogue menage printemps en 1  1  1  1  1  1

Spring is Back, Show Some Love to Your Car Style Auto in Laval, near the North Shore and just minutes away from Montreal, will not only offer you the best second hand car on the market and a car loan at the best rate, it will also give you his best advice on how to maintain your car. With spring at our door, what better than to rejuvenate your vehicle. The Cleaning Starts! The beautiful season...

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Credit Report and Car Financing: Things to Know
style auto financement an

You often hear about credit reports, Equifax reports, credit ratings, or credit bureaus, to name just a few concepts that scare us just by mentioning them. In fact, they can be pejorative in the eyes of many, but they will also become tools that you can use to obtain financing for your next vehicle. At Style Auto in Laval near Blainville, Sainte-Thérèse, Saint-Eustache and just...

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How to improve your credit score
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How to improve your credit score     Articles talking about the best way to improve your credit score are many, but their writers miss the mark, sometimes, by not considering the fact that the people they’re targeting need realistic recommendations they can apply to their difficult circumstances! Here are a few practical advices that you can start using today.     The...

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Credit reports from A to Z
style auto blogue dossier credit a z en 1  1  1  1  1  1  1

      You think you know everything on credit reports? Test your knowledge with the following text!     Credit report components   You’d probably not be surprised to learn that your credit report contains your banking and credit informations, and also elements pertaining to bankruptcies (discharged or not). However, you’ll also find in there a lot...

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Understanding and dealing with credit
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      I know, you and your neighbor know, everybody knows that it’s highly recommended to maintain a good credit report. It goes without saying, but what proportion of “everybody” actually knows the determinants of a good credit report and the most realistic way to improve it? “Not the majority” would be an answer close to the truth. Let’s change...

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The smart way to buy a used car
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      If you don’t have enough experience (or not at all) in buying second hand vehicles, being in this situation can become a hassle. How to make sure that you’re buying a reliable vehicle and even then, that you’re paying a fair price for it? Doing business with a car dealer should put the first of your fears at ease: generally speaking, these guys offer...

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 Luxury and Prestige in Laval
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    Your neighbour is driving a Mercedes. Your cousin is driving a BMW. Your godfather is driving a Land Rover. What about you?   There are more and more luxury cars on the road. No, it's not because the economy is going well, and people are wealthier now. It is only because they know where to find pre-owned luxury cars at very good prices and with an incredibly affordable...

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The best-ranked european vehicles
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The best ranked european vehicles   European cars enjoyed glory days before the rise in popularity of Japanese cars, particularly appreciated for their more affordable prices. Nonetheless, the higher price of European cars can be justified with the ingenuity of European manufacturers in terms of design and ergonomics. European cars' engines are smaller than their American counterparts....

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Where to find second-hand quality vehicles?
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Where to find second-hand quality vehicles?   With the purchase of a new car, one has peace of mind. It has no previous owner, and it can be customized according to the options available. Furthermore, if anything bad happens, the warranty is there to protect. Joy! And for the wallet? It may not be as exciting.   A much more affordable alternative exists, and it is a wiser choice....

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Founding available for newcomers
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  Financing available for newcomers In Canada, creditworthiness or the financial character of a person are generally driven by their credit history. Therefore, if you do not have a credit report, it would be harder for you to get financing for a car. But then, how do you do it when you are newly established in the country, and your credit report is nearly non-existent?...

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Rebuild your credit
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  Fixing your Credit Score by Car Financing: Yes, It is Possible!       Even though you don’t have a perfect credit history, Style Auto can fix your credit score when you rent or buy a vehicle with an in-house financing option. Crazy idea, you say? Not that much!   A good personal credit is very important, whether you have to get approved for a mortgage or to...

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