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2022 Ford Ranger Bring back the 90s with a second Splash Edition



I have to admit, the 90s gave us some of the coolest trucks ever, including the Splash Edition Ford Ranger. Luckily for us, the American manufacturer didn't forget how awesome it was, and this is why he decided to offer a new Splash Edition with the 2022 Ford Ranger. The best thing about it is it will come in two stages. First, there is a Splash package which adds some cosmetic goodies to your regular Ranger. However, if you still wear a one-piece suit and say, dude, out of every four words, you need to get the Splash Special Edition that will be available only for a short amount of time and in a limited quantity. The only issue is this last version may just not be offered in Canada. 


The Splash Package will be available for Ranger SuperCrew XLT 2022 and will add a bunch of cool options to your trucks, such as exclusive 18-inch wheels and some cool graphics. The Splash package also comes standard with many matte black trim and orange touches on the inside. If you think this will be another too expensive package, you're wrong since you can add the Splash package to your Ranger for only 1 700$, which is very good considering all the upgrades you get. Also, Ford says it will be possible to match the Spanish package with the FX4 package, which is one of the most popular options on the new Ford Ranger. 


We don't have much more information other than the fact there will be other colors available for the American market, like blue for a Snow Splash version. We are going to have to wait to know availability for Canada. We should get more information on when the 2022 Ford Ranger will hit the market. 


Let's Talk About the 2022 Ford Ranger


Regardless of the new Splash package, there are a few things worth mentioning about the 2022 Ford Ranger. First, sales went up again last year, which is a good sign for the American midsize truck. When it first came out, the Ford Ranger was expensive compared to the F-150, but now that the Big Brother price went up a lot, the Ranger prices range has started to make more sense. Also, don't forget the upcoming Maverick, but to be honest, I don't think it will steal a lot of sales to the Ranger. In my opinion, these are two very different vehicles with different target customers. 


Since the Ford Ranger shares some of its DNA with the new Bronco, I think we can expect more off-road capabilities from the midsize trucks in a not-so-far future. The Tremor version has been amazing so far, but we have no confirmation as if it's making a comeback for 2022 or not. I want to say about the Ranger that the competition is growing fast and is more extreme than ever about offroading. All that to say, we expect the 2022 Ranger or the next generation to get a more off-road-oriented version. Again, I can only talk about rumors here since nothing official has been confirmed by the American manufacturer yet, but there is to be something just like that in the oven, or otherwise, Ford will miss the boat. Ford told us a long time ago they had no intention to make a Raptor version of the current Ranger, but the new generation is soon to be unveiled, and we are pretty sure the American manufacturer will play his best card with it. I mean, it has, too, since that's precisely what GM, Toyota, Nissan, and RAM are doing.  


Jean-Sébastien Poudrier

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